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Coronovirus Lockdown Around the World in 360-degree videos

Lockdown Around the World

Lockdown Around the World | National Geographic

In March 2020, many cities and countries around the world went into lockdown, restricting movement and encouraging social distancing in an attempt to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Five filmmakers, Nick Moir, Veda Shastri, Alexia Webster, Felix Gaedtke, and Guglielmo Mattioli documented their cities under lockdown in 360. This is what they saw. Youtube Link

London Before & After Lockdown

London Before & After Lockdown 360 Video

See how empty London's busiest streets have become since the nation wide lockdown began and compare with footage shot before restrictions began. 360 video tells the real story. Compare footage shot at London's manor landmarks before and after the lockdown began to see just how empty London is compared to normal. Youtube Link

Manchester on Lockdown

8K VR Footage of Manchester on Lockdown

Filmmaker Richard Tyson was granted permission by Manchester city council to capture the deserted city on lockdown. His haunting 8K VR footage is a unique historical document. Youtube Link

New York Lockdown: Times Square

360 New York Lockdown: Times Square

Is Times Square empty during this crisis? Here's how it looks as of March 26th 2020. We're driving from 46th Street & 8th Avenue to 42nd Street & Lexington. Youtube Link

Napier, New Zealand Lockdown 2020

Napier, New Zealand in 360 during Lockdown 2020
Youtube Link

Glen Lonan during Lockdown

Glen Lonan 360 Degree Video during Lockdown

Why not spend a few minutes in the middle of Glen Lonan just looking around and enjoying the view. Thanks to our 360 camera just use your mouse to "grab" and move around and choose your view. Youtube Link

China, One Week Before Coronavirus Lockdown

China, One Week Before Coronavirus Lockdown - an 8K 360 VR Experience | Shot on Qoocam 8K

China is a beautiful country with an incredible history. Recently, it has become known for one thing: Coronavirus (COVID-19). This 360 video captured the Dinghu Mountain National Nature Reserve, just one week before the coronavirus outbreak became widespread. Please enjoy this experience with your favorite VR headset - Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, or Samsung Gear, and a pair of headphones. It contains powerful visual and audio designed for immersive viewing. Youtube Link


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